Ally Resources - Anti-Oppression, Decolonization

• Dr. Omi Osun Joni L. Jones "gives 6 rules for allies (cross race/gender/sexuality/nationality/religion etc) in her keynote speech given 2/19/10 at a luncheon sponsored by Abriendo Brecha Vll Conference and The Seventeenth Annual Emerging Scholarship In Women's and Gender Studies Conference UT Austin."  (from video link below)

• Frances Cress Welsing ("Isis Papers") 
          great videos of her available on youtube

• Harsha Walia on Anti-Oppression, Decolonization, 
and Responsible Allyship

Settler Ally Resources -
"Settler Canadians and their descendants need to realize Indigenous people should not be feared or hated. It is the pitifulness of Western knowledge philosophy, all that it manifests, and its proponents such as Western governments and the many corporations that treat the earth without reverence that we should all be concerned about.  Be sure, Indigenous people are the canaries that signify all people's destruction - water, air, trees, and animals included - due to Western knowledge philosophy. Indigenous people are not your enemy and we need settler allies to stand with us, not against us."  (from site linked below)

Ally's Toolkit -

• (another) Ally's Toolkit -

(short article and linked resources on page)

(toolkit main page)

"White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack",
          by Peggy McIntosh

Jay Smooth: "How I Stopped Worrying and Learned 
   to Love Discussing Race"
            TEDx Talk, November 16, 2011


Please contact me directly at or post a comment below on any other, additional ally resources in any form.  Also please be free to leave comments here about the clarity or lack of clarity of any of the resources.  I am not here to serve as the arbiter of allyship information, just provide some resources and hopefully be a catalyst for deeper discussion and clarity and application of these concepts, whether here or in other venues.

Thanks to all the effective and active allies in the world.

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