Monday, November 24, 2008

Condor and Eagle Prophecy - youtube

The prophecy of the Condor and Eagle is a powerful message become real as we look upon the imbalance in the science and industry overdrive of the Eagle north and the nature/heart/spirit/mind/body orientation of the Condor south. I submit to you this youtube video that puts it in perspective. There are more like it there and many places to find out about this prophecy.

Many important issues are raised with this prophecy. Many discussions are yet to be had, especially in the USAmerican culture. The ramifications of this prophecy are not limited to the western hemisphere. There are global implications as the world moves through this challenging period of the faltering of industrial globalization in the face of climate change and environmental destruction and the promise of an indigenous-led spiritual/social/political renewal that marks the period of unified indigeny and revolutionary energetics.

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