Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Indigenous Wisdom: Healing a World in Crisis...A Video Gift from Family Estranged

From the Global Spirit web page of Link TV:
"In recent years, more have become aware of the unique wisdom in the cosmologies and spiritual practices of indigenous societies. While this native wisdom has always been part of human existence, its teachings have remained outside so-called “formal” religions, leading to zealous missionary campaigns seeking to stamp out this “paganism” from the face of the earth. But with the dramatic increase in global warming, a thinning ozone layer and social alienation, many, including the United Nations, are realizing that native peoples may possess some critical keys to the very survival of our species and fragile ecosystems of the planet."

"Earth Wisdom for a World in Crisis", in its own way, IS the message. As has been said before, for us to embrace this indigenous wisdom, that knowing that flows, often with great constraints, from our deepest heart, IS the challenge of our time. It is the container for all of the discourse, all of the challenges that we face at this moment. All of these challenges, from the personal to the social and spiritually universal, present us with the requirement that we come to a clarity, not only in our micro-life, but in our macro-life, the realm of global, human social development and of spiritual proportions.

"western", capitalist, modern thought and practice brings us to a temporo-centric consciousness...or maybe it should be called an UNconsciousness...that narrows our thought, shallows our vision and individuates our concerns and intentions. If we live and breathe and think and work from a constrained place, our ability to sense reality is greatly curtailed. Equally as troubling, our ability to share the unique gifts that we've been given from Spirit, from the Other World, in a world that needs them, in a world that needs those gifts very, very a world in crisis.

Our ability, with courageous intent, to broaden and deepen our understandings then, in compulsory fashion, our actions, informed by the deepest wisdoms and knowings of our indigenous soul, personal and collective, which still lives on in the bodies, minds, spirits, actions and voices of the people and traditions highlighted in this video, is our main task at this point in human history. Unluckily, this transformation of mind, spirit and behavior cannot happen in the breath of 54 minutes and 48 seconds. There is a period of integration, rumination, resolution that must occur for us to fully embody and inspire (in-spirit) this indigenous wisdom, largely forgotten and fully marginalized by modern anti-thought and inaction. But this transformation must come if we are to redeem ourselves to ourselves, our Ancestors who wait for us to open our eyes and hearts...and our children who expect so, so very much from us at this moment.

We must deliver this legacy to our children...and to ourselves, yet in this urgent moment before we become one again with the Earth that we have have lived in conflict with instead of in harmony with. And how do we begin this path forward, carrying the wealth of our indigenous past into our present and future, away from the temporo-centric pathologies of our narcissistic existence?


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