Sunday, April 3, 2011

Energetic Rectification

The concept of energetic rectification speaks to the necessity for humanity to not only reopen their intimate relationships with nature and spirit, but to reconcile past indiscretions with respect to that traditional relationship, making energetic amends to Spirit, to nature and the earth herself. This is required not only because it is the right thing to do, but in that it is also that which will heal our indigenous soul and rededicate us individually and communally to living as though we are a part of nature, not simply a dominating and parasitic animal in the beautiful, delicate web of life.

Throughout our modern exploitation of nature and the earth, we have taken, stolen much energy from nature, from Spirit, from our animal relations (consider the numerous decades of mechanized livestock farming). Energetic rectification is the process of returning that energy based on the concept of reciprocity to make good our relationship with All That Is. This is a scientific concept as much as it is spiritual, ethical and social (for one or more of us to engage in energetic rectification benefits the larger society as benefactors of the empowered energetic balance of nature upon which we all depend). Energetic rectification can be created through ritual, through offerings, prayer, song, dance and other forms of intentional engagement within the naturo-spiritual context. Much of the work that the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers do can be categorized as energetic rectification as they are spreading knowledge and techniques that help all of us rekindle right relationships with Spirit and/in nature.

We must be willing to learn about people such as the 13 grandmothers ans so many other indigenous people, so many other people practicing indigenous traditions and technologies, what they do and how and why, what the effects of their intimate relationship with nature, informed intimacy, brings about so positively in the world and in their communities and hearts.

There are many stories alive in indigeny that educate, inspire and motivate us toward energetic rectification. This is one of them:

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