Wednesday, September 23, 2015

CNN, Colonialism and the CaNoNization of Genocide

Watching the Catholic News Network, CNN, "report" on the pope's unethical visit to Turtle Island. jernalissed Chris Cuomo has done more roamin catholic grandstanding in the last hour than the papacy did in 1492.  Constantly stating how people who are present at his circus parade are blessed because they are in the "shadow of Peter". Chris Cuomo just stated that he was a catholic after shouting "Papa Francisco!!" and "Pope Francisco!!" from his "professional" video setup.  This is horrendous reporting.  This is not journalism.  This is not truth-telling. This is validation of colonialism and brutality and conquest.
This is not only complete disrespect and dismissiveness of Native Americans and indigenous peoples, but also every African affected by the African holocaust and European slavery trade given blessing and support by the papal bulls of the vatican.  We are raising our voices that #BlackLivesMatter today precisely because the roamin catholic church, papacy and vatican created the fantasy of religious and cultural superiority, codifying the religious and European privilege that would usher in the most heinous wave of brutality and exploitation that would ever sweep over the earth. 

Now, as I watch the "faithful" yell and scream (even the giddy CNN reporters) and reach for his clothing a la the British Invasion of the Beatles, my heart breaks that this society is truly doing no better now than when it began.

 We hear and see the effects of evangelization and missionary work and introducing the "European God" (as one reporter clumsily, but truthfully stated) to people who never needed that god and then were summarily subject to genocide and holocaust and we have no moment of grief, no moment of insight, no moment of compassion for a people whose voice has never been silenced, but severely diminished. 

We have no general moral outcry about the abuser narrative that pope Francis represents, a retraumatizing visit to all the victims of roamin catholic molestation and abuse, a patent disrespect to the legacies of predation that the roamin catholic missionary evangelization process/colonialism represents, the dismissiveness for Africa and Africans in the ongoing circus horror show of papal criminal permissiveness...every enslaved African was branded with a red hot cross.

How much time will Catholic News Network/CNN give to the voices of indigenous peoples and Africans whose narrative crushes the lie of the sanctity and righteousness of evangelization and the vaunted, martyred noble missionary and the universal, nay globalized, "moral good" of the roamin catholic papal criminality to dust.  We listen less to the liberating voices of the indigenous peoples, who are still under attack by the papally blessed colonizers of past and present, less to the voices of Africans struggling dutifully to have our lives validated and secure albeit on the lands of those that the roamin catholic papacy gave brutal colonial and genocidal conquerors holy, "sacred" permission to steal and exploit.

I ask people of good conscience to take this moment in history, this moment in European-led settler colonialism on Turtle Island, as a European classical music ensemble plays a rousing Serra anthem to his unethical canonization as a colonial pope totters up the steps of a catholic university cathedral to commit a spiritual misdeed in front of the whole world, to take this profane moment as an opportunity for insight and contemplation, not discompassionate adulation of some distorted status quo.

Are we truly unaware of the glaring dissonance, contradictions and tragic colonial retrenchment of exploitation in one of its worst expressions?


Mzee Ukumbwa Sauti, M.Ed. said...

"Pope Francis' participation in the fast-tracking of the double canonization last year (of his predecessors, Popes John Paul XXIII and John II) should serve as a red flag, indicating a lack of judgment and sensitivity toward the suffering not just of Native Americans and their Ancestors, but of Catholics themselves, particularly those who were sexually abused and whose Church covered up the crimes."


Ukumbwa said... - "A Saint in Small Type", short video about Junipero Serra's legacy and actions.