Thursday, October 11, 2012

Columbus Day Sale Business Boycott

This is a call to a general boycott of any and all companies, businesses and corporations that enact sales and promotions in the name of the oppression, genocide and colonialism embodied in the name and legacy of Criminal Columbus.  

Because of the serious and profound nature of Criminal Columbus's legacy and how it has negatively and profoundly affected the cultures and peoples of the Western Hemisphere and Africa directly and the rest of the world also, the organizations that exploit this opportunist's name and legacy must know that this  exploitation does not come without a price of its own.  

We must not allow Criminal Columbus' legacy of violence, rape and torture in the name of G-O-D and christianity to be used to sell electronics, furniture and groceries, adding disrespect and insult to the injury that Criminal Columbus set in motion in 1492 with the "blessing" of the roamin catholic papal bulls of the 1400's that defined the immoral Doctrine of Discovery that led directly to the genocide and holocaust of the indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, of south, central and north America and the enslavement and maafa/holocaust of indigenous Africans.

We call out to all merchants, retailers, store-owners, businesswomen and men to divest themselves of the legacy of Criminal Columbus, quietly or vociferously, out of a moral sense of compassion for humanity and an acknowledgement of truth and integrity beyond the mere desire to make profit based on the legacy of oppression of a pillaging butcher and torturer.  We call you to see the clarity and correctness in this heart-felt request.  Assuredly no business-owner in their right mind would have a "Hitler's Birthday Sale", so one can not understand how any such person would hold a "Columbus Day Sale" either.  No more "Columbus Day" sales and promotions!

(see list of offending companies in comments section)

"This is truly equivalent to Germany having a “Hitler Day” which is a national holiday where we’re all supposed to laud him as the “Great Conquerer” or something, with statues of him erected all over the country. This country is INSANE. Because it’s a part of the dominant culture, industrial civilization, which is killing the planet and wiping out vast, unfathomable numbers of nonhuman species and human indigenous cultures. It must be stopped."

Please, be free to use the above photograph in spreading the word about this boycott intended to extend throughout the year, but at least as long as the offending companies and businesses promote their sales in the name of Criminal Columbus.

Post the above or similar photos/images/flyers along with the names of the local and national companies that align themselves with the legacy of this genocidal opportunist.  Let these companies and owner know that they must find better ways and more creative ways of promoting their products and businesses than in such a way that disrespects the cultures and histories of so many.

For more information, please contact Ukumbwa Sauti at

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Bernie & Phyll's Furniture, Boston Metro
Bon-Ton Stores, Inc., Boston, MA
Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets, Hartford, CT
Wrentham Village, MA
ParkARTS, Boston, MA
Ashley Furniture Homestore