Monday, October 15, 2012

The Wonderful Modern Disease

Nuclear power generation and
the compulsory toxic waste
that comes with it makes as
much sense as the human
colonization of space.
 How can people be convinced whose disease makes them feel better on the surface, creates socially-acceptable symptoms and sustains their own misguided assumptions about themselves that they are indeed carrying a sickness that affects others deeply and is a proven blight upon their environment (which they can actually 'see', but the misguided assumptions cloud the need for any sort of substantive change) that they indeed have a terminal, though slow-moving, but very profound and globally dangerous disease?

Interesting how much the "intelligent" modern citizen of privileged industrial, colonial corporatocratic  countries can know about the terminal mistake of fossil fuel dependence and use and not feel behooved to actually live like they are in possession of said intelligence.  One could surmise that modernity does not give rise to intelligence at all, that it does its best work at creating veneers for terminal ideological and socio-political pathologies.

Case in point - even a grade school textbook will reveal how important trees are to the life of humans on the earth, but the modern system of cultural production behaves as though trees are simply a commodity that can be exploited at the whims of the corporate capitalist "imperative", that they are not indeed and in deed one of our most precious family members amongst All Our Relations, gifting us with oxygen, substantively and daily and beautifully while sustained symbiotically by the very gasses we expirate from our very lungs - suggesting a relation-ship that we'd do well to acknowledge and deepen - again.

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